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Cyberknife cancer treatment

Find out about this type of cancer treatment and what it means for the patients

What is cyberknife cancer treatment?

'The cyberknife technology is very new. It's taken advances in robotics and advances in computer controlled technolgies and applied them, from really what was previously manufacturing process, into being able to use the technique to deliver radiation to cancer patients.'

What is the impact for the patients treatment?

'Most cyberknife treatments are either one treatment or up to three or five treatments and typically that could be given over the period of a week. Some of those patients that we're treating with that short treatment on the cyberknife traditionally may of been treated with radiation which was given day to day, monday to friday for six or seven weeks in the past.'

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'One of the advantages of cyberknife is that it is able to keep the radiation dose very tightly controlled in and around the tumour'
Dr Chris Nutting
Consultant Clinical Oncologist