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Lesley’s Laparoscopy story

After a scan showed that she had gallstones, Lesley Dean went into hospital to have her gallbladder removed. Here you can hear all about her experience.

'It was a bit like checking into a hotel because its a bit like a boutique hotel.'

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Lesley shares her experience of having Laparoscopic surgery

Arriving at the hospital

'Everyone, from the receptionist to the porters to the lady that takes the menu, was so pleasant to deal with that it was a pleasure being in hospital. If there is something on the menu you can't eat, especially when you are having a gallstone operation, there are always salads and other things that they will make for your lunch and for your tea.'

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The Laparoscopy procedure

'When I went down for my operation I remember walking down to the theatre, getting up onto the table where they prep you and get the heart monitors on you. Then the anaesthetist comes in and the assistant was helping saying "Do you like cocktails? We're now going to give you an amazing cocktail". I remember the mask coming down over my face which they told me smelt like vanilla, and then I woke up after the operation.'

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Getting back home

'After the gall bladder operation you don't have a pain but obviously because you don't have a gall bladder you have to be a little bit careful of what you do eat because the gall bladder is there to break down fat.'

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