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Alan’s Cataracts story

After being told by the optician that he had a cataract in his first eye and another forming in the other eye, Alan Flax had cataracts treatment to have them removed.

'The operation was much easier than I thought it was going to be. I was a bit apprehensive at first but the whole procedure went very smoothly.'

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Alan shares his experience of his cataracts operation

Explaining the procedure

'At the consultation they gave me an eye test. Then I went to see the specialist and he gave me a test as well. He explained the whole procedure, how the operation would go and he would be talking to me all the time. I had plenty of time with the consultant, he didn't rush. The day I went in to have the operation I was given a day room, a very nice room.'

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Going into hospital for the procedure

'I had a local anaesthetic and drops in my eyes. I was wheeled into the operating theatre, everyone was talking to me. They put something over my eyes and I couldn't see but all the time the consultant was talking to me in detail, telling me what was going to happen next.'

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Returning home

'My eyes when I got home were a little bit sore but they weren't bloodshot, in fact I could see perfectly. The television was clear, colours were bright, everything was white and clear. I couldn't remember having vision like that before. After a week I went back to the consultant who looked at my eyes and said everything was fine.'

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